Lavania Lav:

Nothing is for free, people say but hey! Mirror Image provides free mineral water!! And where else can you find a studio that's equipped with clean changing rooms, state of the art sound system and people who treat you like family?! Situated in the heart of the city, Mirror Image has amazing classes with awesome instructors! Me, in particular, love it's Kpop Fitness Class! Love love love!


Fashvacation Love:
Beauty these days is not just about the make up you put on and the clothes you wear. It's the total effort of face, body and mind. Thank you Mirror Image Academy for the wonderful Image and Make Up Workshop for our Fashvacation Models.

The workshop was not only fun but informative as well, providing our models useful tips to present themselves better in public and shows. Through the course, we learnt to match colours based on our skin tone and which makeup palette suits a warm or cool skin tone! All our girls had fun and thought Michele was a great and engaging instructor!

We'd highly recommend Mirror Image Academy for any companies or individuals seeking image style consultancy.